Here is a selection of cakes your kids may love! Make their birthday extra special by ordering a cake from us.


 tourtes cyprus 3 princesses  froggy dragon castle  hello kitty  summer boat



 moovies         bride to be  cute Lion
  whimsy green orange   crystal giorgos    scooby doo    chubby


         you rock  
           cakes for carneval time
   claymore cake  dr.seuss cake    τρισδιάστατη τούρτα lego  τρισδιάστατη τούρτα seaprincess cake
 nemo cake      who you gonna call? ghostbusters    
       discoball cake    
   τρισδιάστατη τούρτα taz απο τη Liis στην Κύπρο      τρισδιάστατη τούρτα barbie από τη Liis στην Κύπρο  
   baby dragon cake        
   betty boo cake  pinbk box cake      τρισδιάστατη τούρτα σταχτοπούτα από τη Liis στην Κύπρο
 ninja turtle cake  lobster cake  pink white bow  babycake    fendy spy bag cake
 colette peters style flower cake    purple dots cakes  kerastika    
 garden fairy cake      cat cakes    
 yummi yummi candy bag cake  pixie cake  3d shrek cake- τρισδιάστατο κέϊκ Σρεκ  kitten cakes    cinderella cake
 miu miu handbag cake  cohiba cigar box cake  thomas the train cakes  my little pony cakes  princess castle cakes  neptun cake
 porsche cake  scooby dooby doo cakes  mice party  cute baby cakes  tinkerbel cake  handmade sugar fairy cakes
 sugar shoes  taz cake  butterfly painting  easter cake    
 princess cake  fairy cakes  white and gold bow cake  pirates treasure cake  circus cake  pretty pink ballerina cake
   ael limassol cake      hippy dance party cake  
   fairytale cake        
 fendi handbag cake          
 dora princess cake  ice age cake  pooh&friends cake    sugar figures dragon cake  
 happy colors circus cake  bright pink makeupbag cake  scooby cake  scry castle with scooby  donald cake  Pink hearts cake
 wwe cake  black and white princess cake, sugarart limassol  spiderman  hotdog cake  happy sailor &octopus cake  
 scary castle  cake for baby boy  mowgly cake  αελ τουρτα    undersea adventure cake
     south park cake  princess cake  artcakes limassol  
     dalmatian dog cake      ambulance cake sugar figures and cakes in cyprus
         spyro the dragon cake  
       princess and her castle    
   pink and flowers cake  birthday cakes limassol      johnny bravo cake
       fairy mushroom cake. τουρτεσ λεμεσοσ  vacation cake  
     scream cake  ninja turtle cake  jurassic cake  lava cake
     baby cakes  Garfield cake   candy train cake  little fishy cake
 pirate cake          
   minnie mouse cake