Custom made birthday cakes provides one of a kind birthday or any other special event cakes in Cyprus and in Greece. Please contact Rania if you live in Greece and Fotini if you would like to get the cake in Cyprus.

Birthday cakes

Make your next party a big hit when it`s time to blow out the candles. From dreaming princess cakes to crazy pirates and teddy bear shaped cakes, these birthday cakes will wow kids and adults also. Every year, birthdays are commemorated with friends singing over a display of lit candles. For most it is not the wish, the guests, or even the presents that are remembered, but rather the birthday cake.

Your cake is always made individually for your event. Everything will be customised for your special needs. The sugar figurines can be made wearing your daughters most loved dress or your sons favourite football team`s jersey. You decide and let us know. Please also note that each cake is designed for specific event and no two cakes can be exactly alike.

Cakes gallery

Have a look through our gallery. Unfortunately you are not able to save and print our work anymore due to the extreme image theft around the internet. Now instead, every sample cake has been marked with codes. Please let us know the code so we can easily understand what exact cake you are referring to. Pictures in the gallery are also clearly marked if they are done by Liis or Rania.

The photos in the galleries are to show what we have done and what we can do, they are not meant as a catalogue. Be different and let your imagination fly and let us create something unique and special just for you!

Please book an appointment before you come by the shop as we do work by appointment only. We can also take you through the creative process through the phone or internet. We take pride in our work and all our images belong to us. They are not allowed to be used in any other websites without our permission.

Thank you for visiting and welcome to our wonderful world of cakes!